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Legend 1

There are many legends about the appearance of Sakura, we choose to believe in these two!

Sakura is an iconic plant of Japan. An ancient legend tells how the tree appeared. In times of scary and devastating wars, a fortress of beauty was an incredibly beautiful green forest. In it, however, there was a completely dry tree, which looked very sick and scary. Everyone was afraid of him - even the grass didn't grow around. Once a forest fairy saw the suffering of the poor tree and the injustice to which it was doomed and cast a spell - for 20 years the tree had to feel what the human heart felt. It can be both human and remain a tree. So she hoped it would help the tree bloom if not — it had to die. The tree thought and decided to become a man named Yohiro. The slender Yohiro stood up, but when he saw the dark and belligerent world around him, he was saddened. One day joy came into his life – he met an amazing girl named Sakura. She told him how the war was tormenting her.They had many fascinating conversations, with time came friendship, and soon love. Yohiro revealed the truth about its existence— that it is a tree that must die because it cannot bloom. The girl despaired, and Yohiro, seeing her devastated, left and turned into a tree again. It wasn't long and unexpected for him that Sakura showed up. She hugged him and told him how much she loved him. At that moment, the fairy appeared and offered Sakura the following choice: to become a tree like Yohiro or to remain human. The girl's love was true and strong enough to desire to blend in with her lover and stay one forever. Thus, the two souls in love bonded forever, and the beautiful Japanese tree Sakura appeared.

Legend 2

The Samurai have a special connection to Sakura. Legend has it how an old man committed a crime when he saw Sakura die. He gives his life to keep her alive. For him, the tree embodies the memory of the ancestors. The samurai tree is a symbol of purity and hardness. A Japanese proverb says : Among the flowers sakura, among the samurai people!


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Since then the studio has under suffered constant changes in its quest for development and improvement. Each client is important and carries his personal history, which is often behind the idea of a tattoo.

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